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Structure of Athletics in SA

In order to fully understand the athletics at the Nelson Mandela University, it is firstly important to understand the various levels of athletics in South Africa and how the club fit into that structure. The hierarchical structure of Athletics is illustrated in the below table:



Structure of Athletics in EP

EP Athletics consist of the following commissions: Road running, Track and Field, Cross Country and Development.

The unified Eastern Province Athletics Union (EPA) was founded in 1995 and is affiliated to Athletics South Africa (ASA), whom in turn is affiliated to the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF).  Eastern Province Athletics is also affiliated to the Eastern Province Sports Council (EPSC).

The EPA operates the following commissions and committees, as well as Associate members, each with its own Executive, namely:

  • Road Running
  • Cross Country
  • Track & Field
  • Development
  • Coaches
  • Technical Officials
  • EP Schools Cross Country
  • EP Schools Track & Field
  • EP Masters Association
  • EP Student Sports Union (USSA)
  • EP Association for the Disabled

The EPA caters for participants from the age of 7 and older and includes all primary and high schools, juniors, seniors, masters and the disabled.  The structure also includes over 600 qualified level 1 coaches and over 200 qualified officials.

Under the auspices of EPA, important events are held during the calendar year:

  • ASA Senior Track & Field Championships
  • ASA City Marathon and ASA Marathon Championships
  • A 52-week calendar of road running events between 10km and 100km races
  • The Spar Men’s and Ladies Challenge
  • National USSA and Varsity Athletics events
  • Provincial Road Running Championships for 10km, 15km, 21.1km, 42.2km, 100km
  • Provincial Cross Country & Track & Field Championships

EPA is privileged to have access to the Madibaz Athletics Track, which is one of only six internationally graded stadiums in South Africa.  The tracks at the Westbourne Oval and Gelvandale are well utilized, and the newly built stadium NU 2 Stadium in Motherwell will also be utilized for Track & Field league meetings in due course, making it accessible to the previously disadvantaged athletes from the area.


Structure of BestMed Madibaz Athletics Club

The BestMed Madibaz Athletics Club caters for the following commissions/groups: Road running, Track and Field and Cross Country.

The club is affiliated to the EPA, and shall be represented at all its sub-structures and committees by representatives who are nominated by the club.

The club is affiliated to SASSU with a permanent representative serving on that body.


The club will also, at all times be subject to the rules and regulations of the Nelson Mandela University, or rules and regulation which will be determined by the sport club committee of the Nelson Mandela University.